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Tune4Performance will optimise the performance of your car, helping to maximise your driving experience. There are so many limits on driving these days. Even your car’s intended performance is restricted because car manufacturers have to allow for drivers who do not adhere to service schedules and who use sub-standard fuels. But if you want the best from your car, contact Tune4Performance and we will free your engine from those restrictive limits giving you a more rewarding, more exciting drive.
Enjoy a more fulfilling drive
Your car will feel sharper. It will react more quickly and more precisely to your demands. And you could be save fuel too. Our customers can testify to a more exciting and fulfilling drive. And once your first vehicle has been Tune4Performance tuned, we think you’ll come back for more.
Electronic Tuning to suit your driving style
We tailor not only for out and out performance but also have a range of tuning packages to suit different driving requirements for when you just need a little extra power for that car full of people or extra torque to pull that trailer or caravan.
What will Tune4Performance do for my car?

Tune4Performance has a range of tuning upgrades for most modern petrol engines (turbo and non-turbo) and turbo-diesels.

Our engineers work on a broad range of engines and we are technical experts across all leading makes of vehicles.

Every Tune4Performance optimisation will deliver:

  • an engine that responds more eagerly to your acclerator
  • smoother power delivery making town driving much easier with fewer gear changes
  • improved acceleration for safer overtaking

For non-turbo petrol cars

  • up to 10% more power
  • enhanced throttle response

For turbocharged petrol cars

  • up to 20% more power
  • up to 25% more midrange torque

Tune4Performance carefully matches increases in turbo boost pressure with the remapped ignition timing and fuelling. It doesn’t affect reliability or the life of the engine.

For turbo-diesel cars

  • up to 30% more torque and more power
  • fuel economy improvements

Here also, we deliver a smoother, enhanced drive by ensuring our remap matches the fuelling to the increases in boost pressure.

To achieve this we use our experience over the last 10 years employing the following technologies.
Chip Tuning.
Chiptuning applies mainly to cars pre 1999-2000 where the only way to access the engine management software is to locate and open the ECU, remove the memory chip and using a device to read the chip, create a new enhanced engine map, put this on to a new chip and replacing it in the ECU.
OBD Tuning.
OBD tuning applies mainly to cars 2000 onwards, with the use of a laptop and special software or other small dedicated tuning devices connected to the OBD, on board diagnostic socket, direct communication with the ECU is possible and consequently able to upgrade the engine management software without the removal of the ECU.
Engine Remapping.
Engine remapping service is provided for those who through either chip removal or serial obd have extracted the engine management software from the ECU but not have yet gained the experience to modify this data to enhance the performance of the engine.We have the experience to modify the engine map parameters, ignition, fuel and/or turbo, to provide a personalized map for that specific vehicle.


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