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Welcome to Tune4Performance

Digital ECU remapping specialists based in North London

Traditional Tuning by ECU Rechipping and The Latest OBD ECU Remapping Methods

We are able to tune your vehicle to give more torque, power, drivability and in some applications better MPG.


One of the few tuning companies that is able to remap every vehicle from it's original data, using this information allows us to remap the vehicle taking into account any previous alterations or updates, giving the best possible performance from your vehicle.

These are custom files developed by us to tune your vehicle not one for all software dowloaded from third party providers. We are therefore able to alter specific options of throttle, turbo, torque etc to suit your paticular requirements.

We not only cater for the performance vehichle but also for the daily utility vehicle which carry or tow extra weight and require just a little extra power and torque for a more responsive drive.



We can provide Remap and Tuning Services for the following makes

Alfa Romeo Tuning - Alfa Romeo ECU Remap - Audi Tuning - Audi ECU Remap - BMW Tuning - BMW ECU Remap - Chrysler Tuning - Citroen Tuning - Daewoo Tuning - Ferrari - Fiat Tuning - Fiat ECU Remap - Ford Tuning - Honda Tuning - Hyundai Tuning - Jeep Tuning - Kia Tuning - Lancia Tuning - Land Rover Tuning - Land Rover ECU Remap - Mercedes Tuning - MG Tuning - Mini Tuning - Mini ECU Remap - Mitsubishi Tuning - Nissan Tuning - Peugeot Tuning - Peugeot ECU Remap - Renault Tuning - Rover Tuning - Saab Tuning - Seat Tuning - Smart Tuning - Skoda Tuning - Skoda ECU Remap - Smart Tuning - Suzuki Tuning - Vauxhall Tuning - Vuaxhall ECU Remap - Volkswagen Tuning - Volkswagen ECU Remap - Volvo Tuning - Car Tuning - Engine Remap - ECU Remap



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